If you understand this before you begin to write your book you will be able to relax during the writing process, since you know you will fix problems in a subsequent draft. Although you can hire an editor if you are submitting to a significant publishing house an editor can be quite helpful you ought to do the editing on the first and second drafts yourself. This is because you understand your book. You know what you would like to say, so selecting an editor before your book is ready can lead to damage there is every chance you will lose your vision for your book.

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Step one is to read through your book, and make an outline from what you have actually written. Create the outline in a different file, and print it out. If you see gaps in the Structure in which you need material, mark these regions on the draft. It is a rare book which doesn’t need major structural alterations. Get a pile of index cards, and if you are writing fiction, write a sentence for each scene on a card. Lay out the cards on a large Table, or on the ground, and move scenes around. Rearranging your scenes is Essential if you are writing a novel. You do not want to reveal too much too soon. Your book should maintain suspense until the last page.

If you are writing nonfiction, choose whether you deliver on the promises you have made in the name, and in your book proposal. Now you have got the structure of the copyright books. This can be difficult, but steel you. If you are writing nonfiction, cut everything that doesn’t contribute to what you want the book to send to readers. When you have done the rewrite, you have finished your next draft, and your book is near ready to send out.

After your Editor goes over your manuscript, you will be asked to review and approval all the changes. If it takes you a too long time to do this, you may postpone your book production considerably. Build time on your schedule to review your edits within fourteen days of receipt. After you finish, your editor will proceed through your manuscript one last time to grab any last errors. When that step is finished, celebrate you now has a beautiful manuscript, prepared to Represent you professionally on the world.